Frequently Asked Questions

I've never played rugby before! Can I still join the team?

Absolutely! Many, if not most of the Scandals started out with no experience in the sport. We provide ample opportunity to learn the basics at our practices, even if you join us mid-season. We encourage you to watch our social media for Rugby 101 events, typically held near the start of a season. While not required, these events are a great introduction to the sport and to the team.

What are the costs involved with joining the team?

  • CIPP/USA Rugby Registration: Everyone who participates in rugby in the USA is required to register with the national governing body, USA Rugby. This registration includes a supplemental insurance policy known as CIPP which is 100% mandatory in order to play in any match. The registration fee is approximately $70 per year, and none of this money goes to Washington Scandals RFC.
  • Annual Dues: Washington Scandals RFC is a membership organization with annual dues of $120. The rate is the same for both players and supporters who wish to have membership privileges (including the right to vote in elections). Those who are new to the team are not expected to pay up front. We give all players the opportunity to play in at least one match before asking them to pay dues.
  • Practice Fees: Separate from annual dues, active players are required to pay an additional fee of $20/month during months in which practices are held, up to 3 months per season. This fee goes directly to the costs of obtaining a permitted practice field in the District of Columbia, as well as paying for equipment used at practices.
  • Travel: The Scandals offer many opportunities throughout the year to participate in matches and tournaments in other cities. While participation in these trips is completely voluntary, we want everyone to experience the fun of traveling with the team. For each trip you will typically be responsible for your transportation and lodging costs. Players are grouped together in hotel rooms so that costs can be split accordingly. The cost of each travel event will vary.

What equipment do I need to come play rugby?

The sport of rugby is played with minimal equipment making it very accessible to new players. However, we strongly encourage both new and experienced players to bring a few items to practice:

  • Rugby Ball: We will have used balls at practice for new players, but new rugby balls can be purchased for $10.
  • Cleats: Rugby boots, soccer cleats, and in many cases football cleats can be worn.
  • Athletic Shoes: Unexpected changes in the weather may cause us to move practice indoors. Always pack athletic shoes in addition to your cleats to be prepared.
  • Clothing: Weather appropriate clothing suitable for physical activity and strong physical contact; rugby shorts encouraged.
  • Mouthguard: A strapless mouthguard. Top half only.
  • Water/Food: Hydrate leading up to and following each practice; bring protein bars or shakes for post practice nutrition.
  • Towel/Trash Bag: Rugby is played in adverse weather conditions, so these are good to have when it's wet.
  • Athletic Tape/Brace: In case you've had a past injury; braces must be soft and cannot have hard plastic or metal.

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