About The Team

The Washington Scandals Rugby Football Club was originally founded in the spring of 2013 to foster community and athleticism for gay men in the DC metropolitan area. The organization currently works to promote diversity and an inclusive environment for all athletes regardless of sexual orientation, race, age, religion, or fitness level through learning and playing the dynamic sport of rugby.

The Scandals are a team and a family both on and off the pitch. We are dedicated to succeeding and growing as a team and as individuals. Additionally, we strive to cultivate brotherhood amongst athletes of all different sexual orientations.

Rugby is a game for everyone, regardless of size or athletic ability. It’s also an incredible growing experience, an outlet, and a fun time for everyone involved! Come check us out – learn a new sport, get in shape, make friends, and create memories you’ll never forget.

Contact Us

General Inquiry
Derek Dufresne
E: [email protected]
Match Secretary
Brendan Raden
E: [email protected]

Scandals team lineup

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Match Schedule

The preliminary Spring 2018 match schedule is below. Match dates are subject to change.

  • MAR 24 - HOME v. Baltimore Flamingos
  • APR 7 - HOME - Round Robin
  • APR 21 - HOME v. Philadelphia Gryphons
  • APR 28 - AWAY v. Columbus Coyotes in Pittsburgh
  • MAY 12 - AWAY v. Pax River
  • MAY 19 - AWAY v. Columbus Kodiaks
  • JUN 8-10 - Bingham Cup 2018 Amsterdam

Practice Info

The Scandals are currently in pre-season and will begin indoor practices on Tuesday, January 23rd. Practice is held on Tuesday and Thursday from 7:00pm to 9:00pm at King Greenleaf Recreation Center (201 N St SW Washington, DC 20024). Practice will move outdoors when weather allows. Please check our social media posts for any changes.

The sport of rugby is played with minimal equipment making it very accessible to new players. However, we strongly encourage both new and experienced players to bring a few items to practice:

  • Rugby Ball: We will have used balls at practice for new players, but new rugby balls can be purchased for $10.
  • Cleats: Rugby boots, soccer cleats, and in many cases football cleats can be worn.
  • Clothing: Weather appropriate clothing suitable for physical activity and strong physical contact; rugby shorts encouraged.
  • Mouthguard: A strapless mouthguard. Top half only.
  • Water/Food: Hydrate leading up to and following each practice; bring protein bars or shakes for post practice nutrition.
  • Towel/Trash Bag: Rugby is played in adverse weather conditions, so these are good to have when it's wet.
  • Athletic Tape/Brace: In case you've had a past injury; braces must be soft and cannot have hard plastic or metal.


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